So... Did you get it?


Yeah. I have three copies now and I have already disassembled one. Here is my report. Sorry for my English, I tried my best. Lots of punctuation mistakes. First of all - this liquid isn't a coolant. It's some kind of a liquid crystal solution capable of generating EMR. I'm not sure what kind of substance it is. It's a good electrical conductor. I don't have all necessary equipment for the deep chemical analysis so I gave up on this for now.

Do not connect the device to the NAVI. You know what happened to the others. It's too dangerous, but I have a theory on how it works. I've read several reports and they all point out the same things:

1) The processor serves as a direct Wired-to-brain transmitter, removing the need of displays and input devices.
2) It decreases responce time and improves overall network performance.
3) It has its own CPU and memory storage.
4) The level of component integration beats the latest industrial standards.
5) It has an unknown executable program which takes complete control over the OS.
In my opinion, the liquid is the key component. I think this liquid is an input/output medium. The one type of this liquid serves as a frequency scanner and signal receiver. The other type of the liquid is a transmitter which sends signals to the recipient or to the Wired.

Our brain and nervous system produce weak electric currents. As you know, electric currents produce electromagnetic fields. Even a single moving electron produces a field! What's really amazing is that this device is able to receive, scan and analyze relatively weak brain and nervous system electrical signals, thus adapting to the owner's unique signal patterns. While normal brain scanning requires bulky equipment and direct contact with the person, the PSYCHE can do it without additional equipment and at the level which far exceeds modern technology. It's a direct man-machine interface device! The nervous system responce time is measured by hundreds of (in some cases even less) milliseconds. The PSYCHE dramatically decreases this responce time by sending data directly into the brain and bypassing most of relatively slow sensoric nervous chains. It's theoretically possible that it can read your mind. I'm serious. Your thoughts are just a set of electrical signals and chemical reactions (which, again, are controlled by electrical signals). In other words, every person has a unique brain pattern, a signature, if you wish to call it like that. So, if your "signature" is recognized and cracked, then what prevents /them/ from controlling you? I don't how exactly they send signals to the brain, but it's certainly EMR.

Two cables connected to the liquid tanks are power supply lines. DO NOT TRY to connect it to the power supply. It has its own built-in CPU, so it can possibly operate even without a NAVI. I suspect that the PSYCHE may execute a special protocol or self-destruct to prevent further analysis if it runs without a NAVI. DON'T TRY. As said above, its level of component intergration is fantastic. After removing the metal shielding I was dissapointed to see that almost every component is molded deep into the board, making it impossible to analyze its inner structure without damaging it (at least with the equipment I have). They managed to prevent overheating somehow. Maybe it's because all main calculations are conducted by a NAVI, but if the PSYCHE is really an autonomous system, then standalone execution would decrease its lifespan (heavy calculations will cause overheat). NAVI just serves as an expansion platform/additional memory module/external CPU/backbone interface.

I also tried to check the pins, but without documentation it all was in vain. My decoder/debugger didn't help either. Anyways, I must connect it. It's dangerous, but I have an idea. I'll have to go somewhere deep. Abandoned subway sections or sewers are fine. I'll take a portable Faraday cage and a few scramblers, then I'll connect it to my custom portable NAVI and observe the results. I'll contact you later. I'll be careful. Good luck.